Kwiksell Restaurants POS System

Grow your food business

Simplify your restaurant operations

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Get rid of paper with a smart Kitchen Display System

Manage all your orders efficiently from the table to the kitchen.

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Manage all your orders efficiently from the table to the kitchen.

Sync orders with your floor plan.

Serve the right meal at the right time.

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Delight your customers beyond serving meals

Improve your customer experience by creating a process that revolves around them.

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Create a personalized menu for different customer categories.

Meet specific customer food requests with order tags.

Stay in touch with your customers via SMS and emails with our integrated marketing tool.

Differentiate between an order for pickup, delivery or sit-in with tags.

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Run your inventory

Never run out of products, know what you have on-shelf and across all sales channels.

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Set a stock limit to receive alerts for re-stock.

Know what you have across all stores and product categories.

Place orders before you run out of stock.

Find items easily using a barcode scanner.

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Receive all payments, quickly

Accepts all types of payments, quickly and easily from online and offline sales channels.

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Allow your customers to pay easily with a QR code on their table.

Split bills by item and offer your customers the flexibility they need.

Empower your team with a system that accepts all forms of payment.

Receive your money instantly into your bank accounts, no reconciliations needed.

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Take orders everywhere

Create an online store with Kwiksell and get orders from anywhere in the world.

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Sync your inventory with your point of sale.

Manage all your in-store and online orders in one place.

Sell on a Website, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp with an online menu.

Receive all your payments in one place and easily track sales.

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Know the recipe for growth

Understand how your products, channels and teams perform on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

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See real-time reports on your sales and profit margins.

Know the best selling products for every season.

Know what your employee sells at every time.

Identify and reward your top buying customers.

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