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Our point-of-sale solutions are intuitive and easy to use, your staff won’t need any training to get started; saves you stress, time and money.

Kwiksell devices

One machine to run your entire business

Kwiksell Gamma helps you sell, receive and fulfill orders, take touchless payments, and run your entire business. It’s got an extra display to keep your customers engaged and delighted.


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Sell and take payments wherever your business takes you

Kwiksell Delta is an all-in-one terminal that helps you sell, accept payments and track sales reps activities, in store or on the go. It’s a perfect fit for small business owners.


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Don’t need POS hardware? Sell on your phone.

Start selling and accepting payments on your smartphone with the Kwiksell POS app; from anywhere, at any time.

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Get rid of paper with a smart Kitchen Display System

Manage all your orders efficiently from the table to the kitchen.

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Sync orders with your floor plan.

Avoid order errors and send orders directly to the kitchen with one click.

Serve the right meal at the right time.

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Magic happens when the right team has the right tool

Track employee hours and sales while analyzing who your best performers are.

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Know what your team sells, when.

Easily reward top performers.

Add, remove, and assign team members to tasks easily.

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