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Get a makeover

Beauty is in the eyes of the customers

beauty and makeup

Lay the foundation for growth

Give your business a complete makeover with an all-in-one tool for growth.

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Manage all your orders in-store and online.

Manage all your locations with one system, from anywhere

Gain insight into the activity log of team members to protect you from loses.

Give your customers a lasting blush with personalized messages.

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Know what you have available at all times

Make sure you always have the right products in stock, without having to close your store.

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Create items, discounts, or categories with a click.

keep up with inventory across multiple locations

Set low stock alerts so you never have to worry about running out of stock again.

Organize your products into simple categories to enables sales.

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Unmask your business

Sell everywhere your customers are.

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Customers can order online and pickup in store.

Sync and manage your online and offline inventory in one place.

Sell on a Website, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or anywhere your customers are.

Don't waste time with code, create a beautiful online store in minutes/fast.

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Transform how you get paid

Growing is a business is hard, getting paid shouldn’t be.

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Allow your customers pay easily with a QR code on the shelf.

Request for payments on all sales channels and get paid on the go.

Receive your money instantly into your bank accounts, no reconciliations needed.

Accept all forms of payment; Debit cards, Bank transfers, USSD.

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Brush aside uncertainties

Know exactly what you need, when you need it.

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See detailed reports and create the custom reports your business needs .

Keep track of your customers purchases and preferences.

Know your best selling products for every season.

Know what your team sells, when.

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