Kwiksell POS | Run your bar effortlessly

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Run your bar smoothly, watch customers return

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Make your bartenders’ life easy

With one click bartenders can see menus, take orders and accept payments.

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Create a personalized menu for different customer categories.

Meet specific customer requests with order tags.

Avoid order errors and send orders directly to the bar stand with one click.

Manage all your locations with one system, from anywhere.

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Stay on top of your inventory

Never run out of drinks, know what you have on-shelf and across all sales channels.

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Set a stock limit to receive alerts for re-stock.

Know what you have across all stores and product categories.

Place orders before you run out of stock.

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Collect payments as easily as you pour drinks

Kwiksell makes sure you get paid anyhow your business needs without interrupting the fun for your customers.

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Allow your customers pay easily with a QR code on their table.

Accept all forms of payment; Debit cards, Bank transfers, USSD.

Split bills by item and offer your customers the flexibility they need.

Receive your money instantly into your bank accounts, no reconciliations needed.

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Make smart decisions

See all the information you need to grow your business with our intuitive dashboard.

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Know the best selling drinks you have in the bar.

See real-time reports on sales, products, inventory and customers.

Know what your team sells, when.

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Know your customers and wow them with rewards

Understand your customer behaviour and tailor your service to suit them.

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Create one-off or seasonal discounts with one click.

Create one-off or seasonal discounts with one click

Know what your customers like and keep them coming back for more.

See customer profiles and build profitable relationships.

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