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Everything you need to sell your products is now in one place. Sell in-store, on your website, and social media with Kwiksell.

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There’s a solution for you.

Sell everywhere your customers are

Setup your kwiksell store and easily sell across your website, social media, and physical store.

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Accept every kind of payment

Debit cards, cash, QR, bank transfer, and USSD; your customers can pay however they want.

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Receive your money instantly

Get your money in your account before you say jack. All payments on Kwiksell are received instantly.

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No reconciliations needed

With Kwiksell, save the time you currently spend reconciling your accounts.

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Never lose track of what you have in store

Manage your inventory across online and offline stores, get restock alerts and easily move products between branches.

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Keep your customers coming back to you

Know your customers and build a relationship with them through rewards, incentives, and customized messages; on one platform.

Find the answers you need to boost your growth

24/7 Support

Speak with an xpert directly from your device anytime, from anywhere.

Resources for growth

Access tips, guides and insights. Know what you need at every point of growth

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Access videos and articles tailored to answer your most pressing questions.

Built for businesses with a growth mindset

No matter your size or age, there’s a solution for you. See what we have for your industry 👇🏽



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Fast Foods

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Bars & Lounges



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Beauty & Makeup


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Kwiksell has helped me improve my customer engagement, it provided me with intimate knowledge of our customers. Now we know them and we can serve them better.

Inyang Ema

CEO Winston & David

You’re part of something big

We’re changing the story of Africa, one business at a time.


Items are sold daily on Kwiksell by merchants who want to sell fast.


Success rate on instant settlement to merchants daily.

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